Triple9music was conceived in the late 90s in Los Angeles, California in the little town of Beverly Hills. 90210. Kind of a weird place for a music supervision company to come to light, but that’s where it happened. The name triple9music came from the year we started this thing, 1999.

 The first projects taken on were “Loose Change” for Taylor Steele of Poor Specimen and “Propaganda” from John Decesare of Poor Boyz Productions. Both of those releases cemented both directors into greatness and they are at the top of their field today.

 After that we collaborated with Jack Johnson and Emmett Malloy on “September Sessions” and “Thicker Than Water”, both of which went on to become favorites as the “soul surfer” once again emerged from the dust of the crazy 90s surfing scene.

 As the years went on, triple9music worked on many more amazing films and with the internet becoming the new TV, new avenues of work started to show their face. After 11 years in the game, triple9music is the “Go To” company for action sports music supervision and coordination. 




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After 16 years in the music industry, we have the resources to clear almost any track. If we cannot clear a track, we will work with you to help find a suitable replacement.